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yo what is going on guys my name is matrix and today we are gonna be counting down the top 5 driving games in roblox now guys I want you to know first of all that this is gonna be about the top 5 driving games not necessarily the top 5 racing games so there’s gonna be a different genre for racing as opposed to driving so if you guys want to see the racing video then definitely feel free to smash that like button if you guys do enjoy this by the way a like would be very much appreciated I put a lot of work into today’s video and if you guys definitely show some support I will go ahead and I’ll make this into a series anyways guys without any further ado let’s go ahead and get on into today’s video guys to kick things off you’re number 5 on today’s list is an actually very interesting game that I haven’t even had the opportunity to cover yet so this is my first impression of this game guys and it’s pretty dang cool so the game guys itself is called heavy clutch now I want you to know that this game is in early access so a lot of the stuff is unfinished so keep that in mind but essentially guys this game is a drifting game it’s a very cool representation of drifting in roblox and I think they did it pretty well the drifting mechanics are a little wonky I would say and sometimes they don’t really feel right but in general it’s pretty cool and it’s a very very drift focused game I don’t even think you can really drive in a straight line without actually drifting so it’s pretty cool if you’re a big big fan of drifting and you wanted to try it out in roblox then this game is definitely for you I really do think it’s a cool game with an interesting concept behind it and I do like that they do have different types of maps to choose from there is a very cool loading screen and main menu so once you go through the main menu you guys will see basically the different types of maps you can choose from and the different racetracks and you can kind of try out a ton of different cars I do also like guys that they have a ton of different iconic cars so they have stuff like 240sx is 350 Z’s and all those sort of iconic drifting race cars so it’s pretty cool stuff guys it’s definitely a very drift inspired game and honestly I would put it higher on this list if there wasn’t other really really cool games so try it out guys see what you think of it I think it’s pretty cool and of course it will be linked below now guys let’s move on to number four alrighty guys so coming in at the number four spot for today is a game called drive shaft keep in mind guys this game is in alpha so keep that in mind before you go in and assume that the game doesn’t have a lot going on the game itself obviously is of course in early access so if you want to play it it is of course free but keep in mind that the game won’t have a lot for you to do one of my favorite things though about the game that I have to say I really really do like about it is I really do enjoy the the models the models in this game are fantastic if you guys didn’t know this already I currently own a 2015 Ford Mustang and they added that to the game I’m not on my behalf or anything but they added it to the game and a they did an absolutely amazing job I and I think they made an absolutely perfect representation of the Mustang in roblox and that’s probably my favorite thing about the game is their way of modeling each and every car is so precise and they even get the interior pretty accurate as well so they definitely have a very good attention to detail the map itself is met there’s not too much going on with the map you can tell it still needs a lot of work done to it but clearly they’re focusing more of their assets on models and the design and the graphics themselves are actually very good I did do a video on this probably about a month ago now where I talked about the graphics and the models and everything we’re basically summarizing here and that’s what basically blew me away with the game and that’s what I think you guys would enjoy most so if you’re a player who plays games and really appreciates attention to detail then maybe just maybe trying out driveshaft would it be so bad so like I said guys I will leave a link to every single one of these games in the description down below so if you want to try them out just to see what they’re like definitely please feel free to it supports them and it definitely does help them get some more traffic to their game and who knows maybe you’re gonna enjoy yourself so that of course is driveshaft now guys let’s move on to number three alright and coming in at the number three position guys today is a personal favorite game now this guys is a game called accelerate v4 if you’re a fan of me and you’ve seen videos of mine in the past you know I’ve played this game quite a bit it’s one of my favorite games on roblox and it’s one of the very underrated games that I would really recommend if you’ve never played it before to at least give it a try it does cost I believe thirty roebucks which isn’t a big price to pay for what you’re getting it’s a very very well rounded very nice solid game with quite a bit to do quite a bit of different areas to go to and very nice scenery that’s my favorite part about this game guys is the map is very captivating it’s a very cool map the main city is very cool and there’s a lot of different areas that you can go and explore as well I really do also like the customizing in this game guys the customizing is very unique and sets itself apart from a lot of the other games you can really pick apart what you want to customize and what you want to paint and I think that’s a really really cool feature that a lot of other games should take some inspiration for now one of the things I don’t really think I like a lot about this game is the driving the driving in this game is very linear and very very straightforward there isn’t too much going on there’s not a lot of different kind of moving and maneuvering and stuff like that so if you like a game that’s very well rounded with a very nice aesthetic and great map design then this might just be the game for you and of course guys coming in at number 2 on this list guys I could not leave ultimate driving out of this list it must have been added at some point and I think the number 2 position is a really really good spot for it ultimate driving has been around for a very long time it’s had a lot of time to really sink its teeth in and really made it make itself a really awesome game in roblox and I personally do like it quite a bit I’ve done that ton of videos more than I can count at the moment it’s definitely a really really fun very very content filled game there’s so much to do there’s so much to explain that it’s so hard to summarize for you if you guys wanted a game with a lot of different jobs and a lot to do then this is a really really good choice I love this game absolutely love it and then one of the cool things I really do like about it as well is the game passes don’t cost a ton of roebucks so if you want to get access to all of the different content in this game it’s not gonna break your bank so I think that’s a really cool feature I do also like how much variety there is in choices for cars and in this game that always seems to be something for somebody if you wanted to be a mailman you can do that if you wanted to drive a bus you could do that and if you just wanted to go ahead and cruise in a big truck you could also do that as well it’s a very very big game with a lot to do and obviously it also has multiple Maps I think upwards of five or six different maps you can choose from if you don’t want to just play on the boring basic one so it’s very very cool guys it’s definitely got to be on this list at some point and I do think the number two position is a very fair place to put Altima driving now guys we are go ahead and move on to the number one position here but I just wanted to mention before we get to the number one position that I do love and have played every single one of these games on this list and I personally think that they’re all very fantastic games all in different stages of development so definitely take it with a grain of salt guys make sure that when you play this game some of the different games that you’re gonna see on this list are games that might just have a little bit of content compared to other games that have a ton of content so just keep that in mind whenever you guys play these games that a lot of them will be better if you give them a little bit more time now guys without any further ado let’s go ahead and get on to number one and finally for the number one position guys we have none other than vehicle simulator I mean come on did you really think I was gonna put something else on number one let’s be fair okay vehicle simulator has been one of the best games I have ever played in roblox I mean this game hands-down is definitely what made my channel what it is today and I don’t know where I would be without it I have such a sentimental value to vehicle simulator that there’s no way I could have put any other game above it this game guys is just all absolutely amazing there’s nothing I could say I hate about this game everything is good about it I mean the driving is fantastic the vehicle selection is incredible the map design is perfect everything about this game guys is absolutely awesome I love this game so so much I have such a rich history with vehicle simulator and I have nothing but fond memories when playing it so I absolutely love vehicle simulator I think everybody does and I hope you guys agree with this list by the way keep in mind that of course this is AG list based on my own personal preferences in my own personal choices so please keep that in mind guys everybody has different opinions maybe you like ultimate driving more because it’s more roleplay based and there’s a lot more jobs to do but personally for me when it comes down to it guys when I’m thinking about a game I is focused on driving there’s nothing that tops vehicle simulator they are so focused on making the game as realistic and as perfect as possible and you know I have to say knowing the developers a little bit more personally there is nothing I can say that is bad about this game they try so hard guys to fix every single bug and to crank out as many updates as possible yes vehicle simulator is a little bit iconic for not updating very often but they try their best and they work very very hard so I have to say though vehicle simulator is obviously my number one pick but honestly guys let me know if you agree with this list or if there’s any changes you would make I’m really enjoying doing these top five videos and I would really like to do a lot more of them and if you guys enjoy this guy’s definitely go ahead and smash that like button because honestly showing a lot of support on this would mean I would definitely come back and do more of these I wanted to do a top five racing games as well so if you guys want to see that definitely let me know and show some support guys but that is that guys that is my list let me know what you think about it and whatnot and we’re gonna go ahead and wrap it up here thank you so very much for watching today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will see you all in the next video [Music]

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